• One-stop efficient procurement platform

    Qingdao International Metal Processing Exhibition has been deeply involved in the industry for 20 years, focusing on the demand for industrial upgrading, covering metal cutting, metal forming, automation, industrial robots, new metal materials, aluminum industry, casting and forging and other metal processing industrial chains, promoting the upgrading of industrial intelligent manufacturing, and building an international, professional and intelligent manufacturing equipment procurement platform for users.

  • Brands gather to talk about wisdom

    Independent innovation debut, high-end equipment launch, Mazak, Jinshang, Hexconn, Yina, Baichao Dineng, Renhe Tiandi, Ruitie, Qinghong, Yawei, Jinshi, Genesis, Yangmu, Donggang, Huayou, Jiesheng, Gangze, British new generation, Jiecheng, Hexconn, Yina, Swiss TESA, Qianjiang Robot, Canop, Golden Eagle, Maidel, Kote, Heying, Chenlong, NSK, Big brand exhibitors such as Encyclopedia appeared at the exhibition with their latest products.

  • Deep analysis of industrial upgrading

    More than 800 high-speed, efficient and high-precision intelligent equipment help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency! 200+technological innovation achievements to analyze future smart manufacturing technology! 200+industry leaders brainstorm and enjoy zero distance! 150+intelligent manufacturing solutions in subdivided fields, focusing on technological transformation in depth!

  • Accurate matching and efficient transaction

    Accurate matching, efficient transaction, accurate big data operation, diversified and accurate matching series activities focus on "accurate matching, efficient transaction", carry out the machine tool purchaser conference to build a one-to-one exchange and cooperation platform for exhibitors and purchasers at home and abroad, and help enterprises supply and demand docking and business machine expansion!

  • Boutique Juhui one-stop shopping

    Invited to participate in the "Double 11" of China's machine tool industry, the Master Machine Festival, 100+star products, with a limited time limit of 6 points off the freezing point, to carry out online and offline three-dimensional promotion and sales in conjunction with Nuozhan Mall; 200-4999 yuan purchase subsidy, special offer!

  • Focus on hot topics in the industry

    Seminar on lightweight casting technology for new energy vehicles and body; 2023 Digital Transformation Conference of Die Casting Production; 2023 Shandong International High-end Aluminum Innovation and Application Development Summit Forum; Aluminum packaging industry and sustainable application technology exchange meeting; The launch of new products and new technologies will rapidly provide the best solutions in the industry segments such as metal processing, precision die-casting mold, automobile manufacturing, home appliance personalized customization, etc.