New product and new technology press conference

Focus on hot topics around the Bohai Bay and explore new business opportunities for industrial development

Concentrate on the display of high-quality intelligent manufacturing in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of metal processing, and subdivide the innovation achievements, cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the field. Including: products and technologies with international or domestic leading level; Products and technologies produced by the first set (piece) at home or abroad; Products and technologies awarded with honors by the state, province and city; Products and technologies that are highly praised by users and have a certain market share.

Product topic:
Standing at the historical node of the transformation of the old and new kinetic energy and the transformation of the exhibition industry, machine tool enterprises are also standing in the new strategic opportunity period. How to carry out precision marketing to seize market share? How to break the rules and sell with reverse thinking? How to create new models and strategies for machine tool marketing? How to get customers online and offline? How to make the product more attractive and more "beautiful"? What activities can better capture customers' hearts? How to quickly improve production efficiency and expand business scale?... ...

These will be the best answers in this activity!

Focus on user areas:
New energy vehicles, home appliance production, rail transit, marine engineering equipment, aerospace, efficient medical treatment, intelligent equipment, agricultural machinery, new generation information technology, 5G intelligence, 3C electronics, new energy and new materials, engineering machinery, general machinery, molds and accessories, national defense and military industry, electric power communication, petrochemical industry, warehousing logistics, construction hardware, municipal engineering, etc.