• The industry has worked hard for 20 years to forge a first-c

    Qingdao International Metal Processing Equipment Exhibition has been held successfully for 19 times since its holding in 2002. Relying on the manufacturing resources around the Bohai Bay, Qingdao International Metal Processing Equipment Exhibition focuses on displaying industrial chain solutions such as metal cutting, metal forming, new metal materials, automation, industrial robots, cutting tools, measuring tools, functional parts, aluminum industry, die casting/casting industry, etc. Products and processing equipment in line with market demand and high-quality professional services have fully assisted intelligent manufacturing enterprises to realize resource sharing, technical exchange, innovation and cooperation, and promoted industrial transformation and upgrading. It has developed into a professional, intelligent and international industrial exhibition event!

  • Efficient connection between supply and demand to build a qu

    Big data empowerment, precise digital marketing: 4 big data centers; Big data of 3+million purchasers; Covering 80% of the equipment manufacturing industry, efficient community operation, accurate matching of supply and demand: 350000+private domain traffic; 100+community channels operate independently; Three-dimensional promotion and high-quality brand exhibition: 100+mainstream media in the industry; Ten million brand exposure; Online and offline, full coverage advertising, hard core to create a new model of two-line integration of exhibition brands, a new era of exhibition industry: live broadcast of cloud exhibition, online supply and demand matching, offline contact experience, help enterprises expand business opportunities, and achieve dual participation experience and income.

  • One-stop exhibition service makes you more relaxed

    Jinn0c has established its own home service company, rejected the overbearing clause, refused the invisible consumption, and effectively ensured the establishment of trust and service firewall between exhibitors and suppliers, so that exhibitors can enjoy high value returns at a more realistic price, and create the best one-stop exhibition service in China.

  • Accurate matching of supply and demand

    With more than 20 years of professional exhibition experience, Jinnoc has more than 3 million professional buyers' big data, builds an international procurement platform, accurately realizes one-to-one supply and demand matching through online and offline efficient operation, and helps both parties improve transaction efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Supporting high-end conference forum in-depth analysis of in

    Focus on the hot topics in the industry and help enterprises transform and upgrade: seminar on new energy vehicles and lightweight body technology; 2023 Digital Transformation Conference of Die Casting Production; Jinnuo Buyer Conference; The launch of new products and new technologies will quickly provide the best solutions in the industry segments such as precision die-casting mold, automobile manufacturing, home appliance personalized customization, etc.

  • The central city around the Bohai Sea, a national strategic

    Qingdao is located at the intersection of the Pacific Rim Economic Circle and the Northeast Asia Economic Circle. It is one of the three economic circles in China and the national central city of the Bohai Rim Economic Circle. It is the most dynamic and growth potential transportation hub city in Northeast Asia. At the same time, Qingdao is also one of the three core cities in the comprehensive experimental zone for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province. Relying on its unique geographical advantages, Qingdao will face new and greater opportunities as it opens eastward to South Korea, Japan and even the Asia Pacific economic circle, and westward to countries along the "the Belt and Road" and even the EU.